Cam Switch

Infinite Power Cam Switches (IPCS) are built using high quality contact terminals made of silver alloys, insulation materials, and durable rotating cam mechanisms to guarantee reliable switching performance, high making and breaking capacities, and endurance throughout a wide range of applications in the controls and automation industry such as to control motors, machines, and other electrical devices. All switches come with finger proof terminals.

In addition to being reliable, Infinite Power cam switches are customizable to a multitude of configurations such as push to turn mechanism, padlocking mechanisms, custom circuitry, multiple contact layers, handle positions, and switching angles, to make them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Our cam switches currently come with approval for both TNB, and SESB projects.

Multiple Mounting Options

A Wide Variety of Handle Options and Switching Angles
Push to Turn Mechanism

Durable Key Locking Mechanism

Reliable Electical Connections

Durable Cam Mechanism

Customizable Switch Contacts