Alarm Annunciator

Infinite Power microprocessor-based alarm annunciator is an electronic device that provides a visual and audible indication of an alarm condition. It is commonly used in industrial automation systems to monitor and display the status of various sensors and control devices.

Infinite Power Alarm Annunciators feature revolutionary designs to meet the high standards of reliability, and fault monitoring accuracy that is demanded by the automation industries, which include a wide range of smart, and innovative technologies that provide high noise immunity, accurate fault monitoring, and quick response times. The use of superbright SMD LED technology with built in fail-safe redundancies means that the operator will never have to worry about burnt out LEDs anymore. 

All annunciators are manufactured, and tested to the most stringent of quality controls to ensure that every annunciator that leaves our facility exceeds every performance standard expected of it, and is a useful tool for ensuring the safety and efficiency of industrial processes by providing a clear and timely indication of any abnormal conditions.

Sturdy External Push Buttons

Finger Proof Terminations

Individually removable windows for easy maintenance, legend, an LED replacement.

Multiple Window Colour Options