Reefer Container Sockets

Reliable Connections for the world’s leading refrigerated container operations

Infinite Power reefer container sockets, also known as refrigerated container sockets, are specialized electrical outlets designed to connect refrigerated shipping containers to a power source. These sockets supply electrical power to the refrigeration unit on the container, which allows it to maintain a controlled temperature for the cargo inside.

They are designed to comply with international standards for plugs, and sockets, namely the IEC60309-1, and IEC60309-2.

Our reefer container sockets are rated to 380/440 volts AC and are rated to 32A. They can be installed in container terminals, onboard container vessels, and inland container depots, where shipping containers are loaded and unloaded. They are an essential component of the global supply chain for perishable goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products that require precise temperature control during transportation.

With thousands of our reefer container sockets currently in operation in the world’s busiest transhipment container terminal, and with over twenty years of experience, Infinite Power is well placed to design, manufacture, and supply reliable, innovative, and durable Reefer Container Socket solutions for your Reefer Container Operations.

Our product advantages:

Durable, thickened, Stainless Steel enclosure material.

Long lasting electrical components.

High-quality gaskets, and sealants to ensure maximum, and long-lasting protection against ingress of water, and dust. Certified to IP66 in accordance to the IEC60529 standard.

All mechanical parts are designed for harsh marine operations.

IEC certified isolators, and circuit breakers to reliably handle electrical loads during reefer operations.

UV resistant, outdoor rated powder coat with high mechanical strength.

UV, and weather resistant product safety, and operation labels.

All fastening hardware made of Stainless-Steel material.

Reinforced polymer parts with high impact strength.

Mechanical interlock made of thick stainless-steel plates that prevents the insertion of the male plug when the socket is in the “OFF” position, and removal of the male plug when the socket is in the “ON” position.

Attention to Details

Reliable Electrical Connections

IP66 Ingress Protection against Water & Dust

Large Manufacturing Capacity