Limit Switch

Infinite Power limit switches are electrical switches that are designed to detect and control the position or movement of an object. They are used to provide feedback to control systems about the position of a device or machinery, ensuring safe and accurate operation.

Limit switches typically consist of a movable contact lever, actuator, and a fixed contact. The actuator is mounted on the device or machinery, and when the device reaches a specific position, it triggers the lever to move and close the contacts, sending a signal to the control system. The position of the actuator determines the state of the switch, whether it’s on or off.

Infinite Power Limit Switches can be used in a wide range of industrial applications such as machine tools, conveyors, cranes, and robotics. They provide an important safety feature by ensuring that a machine or device does not operate beyond its set limits, preventing damage to equipment or injury to personnel

Type A – Standard Limit Switches

  • High Precision Limit Switches
  • High switching capacity of 15A with high repeatable accuracy
  • Wide variety of contact forms

Type B – DPDT Limit Switches

  • DPDT Switches for dual independent circuit control
  • Suitable for applications that require switching of circuits with two different voltages.
  • Interchangeable with Type A limit switches

Type D – Enclosed Limit Switches

  • IP67 rated switches for applications that require drip-proof, and dust-proof applications
  • High repeatability, durability, and mechanical strength.
  • Same operating position as the Type A Limit Switch