Load Break Switch

Infinite Power Load Break Switches (IPLB) are a type of electrical switch used to isolate and interrupt the flow of electricity in a circuit. It is designed to open and close a circuit under normal load conditions, without causing a disruption to the supply of electricity.

These Load break switches are commonly used in low, and medium-voltage electrical systems to provide a safe means of isolating equipment and circuits for maintenance, repair or replacement. They are typically installed in power distribution systems, such as in electrical substations, where they can help ensure the safety of personnel working on the system.

Load break switches come in a variety of designs, including rotary and toggle types, and can be manually operated or motorized. Some load break switches are also equipped with protective devices, such as fuses or circuit breakers, to provide additional safety in case of overload or short-circuit conditions

Customizable polarity, current rating, mounting, and handle options

Designed to be reliable, impact resistant, with IP66 ingress protection rating.

Impact resistant design, with padlockable options for safe operations.