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Cam Switch

Infinte Power Cam Switches, Rotary Switch, Heater Switch, Voltmeter Switch

Infinite Power cam switches are built using high quality contact terminals made of silver alloys, and high quality insulation materials to guarantee reliable switching performance, high making and breaking capacities, and endurance throughout a wide range of application in the controls and automation industry. All switches come with finger proof terminals. In addition to being reliable, Infinite Power cam switches are customizable to a multitude of configurations to meet the client’s requirements.


Among the features which the switches are customizable to are:

  1. Switching Contact Arrangement 

  2. Contact Thermal Current Rating

  3. Handle Position & Switching Angle

  4. Handle Type

  5. Legend Engraving

  6. Backplate Size

Customizable Cam Switch Handles
Multi-Step Cam Switch Positions
Customizable Rotary Switch Handles
Multi-Step Switching Action
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