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Infinite Power Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company that engages in the design, engineering, manufacture, and supply of equipment in the following business sectors: 

1. Marine

2. Automation and Control

3. Temperature Monitoring of LV & MV Critical Power Assets

4. IoT based remote monitoring of Power & Distribution Transformers

Our product design ethos gravitates around the following principles: User-Friendliness, Reliability, Durability, and Innovation. Due to our extensive experience in the above industries, we understand the need for reliable, cost effective solutions to bring value to your operations.

We strictly adhere to all engineering practices, and safety standards, and do not compromise our quality in order to cut costs.

In addition to the stock items in our catalogue, we possess the capability to customize products to match your own unique requirements.

​Our products and solutions are in wide use with a variety of reputable clients.

 Infinite Power proudly represents the following brands:  

Switchgear Monitoring
Stego Elektrotechnik products
Infinite Power Sdn Bhd Engieering Solutions

Axzon is a world leader in delivering temperature monitoring solutions for Critical Power Assets such as Switchgears, Transformers, Ring Main Units, and Cable Branch Boxes. Their RFID monitoring products are also found in the Automotive, Predictive Maintenance, Cold Chain, and Data Center / Server Room industries. 

Hiotron designs remote monitoring solutions for Power & Distribution Transformers by utilizing a combination of sensors which monitor a wide range electrical and physical parameters, and processing those parameters via its IoT platform for customized alerts, transformer health status, and geo-location. 

STEGO Elektrotechnik GmbH delivers a wide range of class leading products for applications that involveHeating, Cooling, Regulating, Lighting, and Monitoring.

"IP" or Infinite Power is our own in-house brand that designs, manufactures, and assembles a wide range of products such as  Reefer Container Sockets, Alarm Annunciators, and Low Voltage Control Componens. 

Infinite Power Alarm Annunciator.jpg
Reefer Receptacle - Port of
RFM3260 - Lug Mounted Temperature Sensor
Distribution Transformer 1.jpg

We invite you to contact us to see just how we can provide value for your industry.

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