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Smart Transformer Monitoring Solutions

Utilizing  the predictive power of IoT Data Analytics for Transformer Health Management , Grid Utilization, Upgradation, & Expansion Planning.

Transformer Monitoring Solutions
IoT Transformer Monitoring Solutions

Product Description

Transformer Monitoring Solutions Malaysia

Power & Distribution transformers form the critical backbone of any distribution network, and are extremely critical in maintaining a steady and reliable supply of electricity to this network. A single transformer failure can disrupt power to consumers, industrial complexes, and transportation facilities causing millions in downtime and losses.

Hiotron’s transformer monitoring solutions are designed to utilize the power of IoT based data analytics to predictively manage the health of transformers by monitoring various physical and electrical parameters of your transformer, with the key goal of preventing sudden transformer failures. This will allow maintenance teams to have real-time data to predictively maintain their transformers, improve grid visibility, define the life and performance of the transformer,  while having immediate alert notifications via email or SMS of any critical faults that could lead to a catastrophic transformer failure

Parameters Monitored

Parameters Monitored

Hiotron's Transformer Monitoring Solutions uses various sensors to monitor a wide list of electrical and physical parameters as follows: 

Remote Transformer Monitoring Solutions

Electrical Parameters

  • Phase Voltage

  • Current

  • Power Factor

  • kw - Power

  • kVA - Apparent Power

  • kVAR - Reactive Power

  • kVAH - Total Energy Consumption

  • kVARH - Reactive Power

  • Harmonics - 1st to 15th Odd Harmonics

  • Total Harmonic Demand for Current & Voltage

  • Peak Demand: Every 15 minutes, Daily, Monthly, & Yearly

Physical Parameters

  • Oil Temperature

  • Oil Levels

  • Ambient Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Winding Temperature

  • Lug Temperature

  • Panel Box Temperature

  • Tap Position Indicator

  • Buccholz Relay

  • Magnetic Oil Level Gauge

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

IoT Transformer Monitoring Solutions

Hiotron's powerful IoT data analytics platform utilizes the electrical and physical parameters monitored by its sensors to provide user-friendly data outputs for transformer maintenance technicians to predictively monitor the health of their transformers and to plan grid utilizations and upgrades. Among the benefits of the IoT analytics systems are: 

  • Real-Time transformer health status with alert notifications.

  • Real-Time graphical trands of transformer electrical and physical parameters.

  • Online transformer register and geo-location.

  • Customized Email & SMS alerts for Transformer Overload, Unbalanced Voltages, Voltage Drop, High Oil & Winding Temperatures, Oil Levels, etc.

  • Real-time load profile with energy consumption and power losses.

  • Preventive checks scheduling,

  • Customized trend reports & analytics.

  • Failure & Usage analytics: SAIFI, SAIDI, CAIDI

Benefits of Transformer Monitoring

Benefits of IoT Transformer Monitoring

Implementing an IoT based remote transformer monitoring solution for your transfomer health management and grid planning program can offer a wide range of benefits. Among the benefits are:

  • Recognize when transformers are overloaded and take immediate action to prevent sudden transformer failure.

  • Improve visibility of the power network, and help deliver high quality electricity to consumers via real time monitoring of parameters such as voltage, unbalanced loads, power factor, current, harmonics, and various other electrical and physical parameters.

  • Utilize data analytics to make decisions about network planning such as critical points in the network that need to be upgraded or extended. Hiotron’s data analytics platform is able to identify if transformers are working at more than 75% of their capacity, providing grid operators with the ability to make informed decisions on how to effectively manage and plan their grids.

  • Utilize data analytics to reduce power losses, and monitor demand usage of existing grids, and to identify how the adding of new equipment affects load usage.

How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

There are three main components to the transformer monitoring solutions. 

DTMU Dashboard.jpg
Transformer Monitoring Solutions

Transformer Monitoring Unit

The TMU is a smart monitoring device that connects the sensors to the transformer. It us powered through the mains, and uses GSM for cloud connectivity. Multiple Analog (4/20mA) and Digital GPIO sensor ports are provided for sensors, along with ModBus-RTU provisions for energy meter integration.  It comes with a back-up battery which can last up to 2 days in case of a power outage, with memory retention between 15 to 20days. 

IoT Processing Platform

The Iot platform acts as a complete device management and registration platform which allows transformer operators to digitally tag their transformers along with identification data and technical specifications. It is used to store monitoring data, while providing powerful data analytics of the various transformer electrical and physical parameters.

Dashboard & Mobile Application

The dashboard and mobile application serve as the location at which the various electrical and physical parameters can be viewed by the transformer operators in real-time. It also serves as the platform where alerts and notifications are sent to. Customized trending reports are also generated on this platform

Contact Us

Contact Us

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