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Critical Power Assets Remote Monitoring 

What are Critical Power Assets?

Critical Power Assets are equipment that is used to provide and maintain a steady and reliable electricity supply to industrial, transportation, and residential facilities. These assets typically include Switchgears, Transformers, Cable Distribution Boxes, and Ring Main Units, which are located in special electricity control rooms and substations within these facilities. 

Why Remotely Monitor Power Assets? 

Prevent Sudden Power Outages and Financial Losses!

  • Temperature rise related damage accounts for the top 5 reasons why critical power assets fail. 

  • Temperature rise occurs due to loose connections, overloading, and corrosion, which develops over time due to operational wear and tear, and often develops unknowingly to maintenance teams. 

  • Asset failures can lead to sudden power outages at your facility. 

  • Sudden power outages can lead to operational downtime and affect production schedules. 

  • Traditional periodic inspections will not always catch or identify problems. 

  • Problems can develop unknowingly between physical inspection periods.

  • It is more expensive to fix a power asset after failure than before failure. 

Switchgear Temperature Monitoring
Switchgear Cabinet.jpg

Asset Applications up to 60kV:

  • Switchgears

  • Ring Main Units

  • Cable Terminations

  • Transformers 

  • Variable Frequency Drives

  • Bus Ducts

  • Capacitor Banks
    ....and more.

Some Industry Applications:

Electricity Transmission & Distribution Assets

Industrial Factories & Facilities.
Oil, Gas, & Chemical Refineries & Storage Facilities.

F&B Plants & Cold Storage Facilities.

Airport Operations

Circuit Breaker Temperature Damage

Catastrophic Switchgear Failure

Infra-Red image of elevated temperatures due to loose connections


Our Solution:

Axzon's RFID, battery free Smart Passive Sensing (SPS) Critical Power Assets temperature / hotspot, monitoring solutions is designed to offer increased monitoring accuracy and reliability, at competitive costs. 


Comprising of three main components: RFID Temperature Sensors, Antenna, and Reader, Axzons solutions are designed to accurately monitor power assets for temperature rise and hotspot conditions. As each RFID sensor has its own unique RFID code, and when combined with Axzon's intelligent reader, this system produces highly accurate reading and is not affected by external events such as electrical transients or noise. This allows for a monitoring solution that has no False Positives or False Negatives. 

With the advantage of having the widest range of sensor types and sizes in the industry, Axzon sensors can provide monitoring coverage where no other sensing solutions can.

Railway & Mass Transit Operations

Our Value Proposition: 

Marine Terminal Operations

  • Reliable and accurate 24/7 total monitoring of your facility's critical power assets.

  • A powerful predictive and preventive maintenance tool, providing actionable real-time data on asset health.

  • Quick and Easy integration onto new or existing assets.

  • Reduction in maintenance costs.

  • Reduction in operational downtime.

  • No False Positive, or False Negative Readings

  • No monitoring blind spots. - Widest sensor types and functions in the industry. 

  • Does not expose personnel to dangerous live assets. 

  • Competitive costs for quick Return-On-Investment periods.


How Does Smart Passive Sensing (SPS) Work?

Given the typically limited shutdown times, Axzon's Critical Power Assets monitoring solutions is designed to be quickly and easily integrated onto new or existing power assets. There are 4 key steps to this process:

  • Install temperature sensors at required locations (Busbar, Circuit Breaker, etc)

  • Install Antenna 

  • Connect Antenna to the Reader

  • Power up, and integrate reader to the SCADA interface or Digital Panel Meter. 

Equipment Process Flowchart

Easy Integration.jpg
SCADA Temperature Readout.jpg
Panel Meter Readout.jpg

Easy Integration onto new 
and existing assets

SCADA Temperature Readout

Digital Panel Meter Readout


Installation Examples:

Since Axzon has the widest sensor types and sizes in the industry, our sensors provide greater monitoring coverage, and can be installed in locations with space constraints such as on Low Voltage asset applications. Below are some examples of just where our sensors can be mounted:

Switchgear Temperature Monitoring

Circuit Breaker Mounted Installation

Lug Mounted 2.jpg

Sensor & Antenna Installation

Transformer Hotspot Monitoring, Transformer Temperature Monitoring

Outdoor Transformer Installation

Switchgear Temperature Monitoring

Lug Mounted Installation


Circuit Breaker Mounted Installation

Axzon RFID Critical Power Assets Temperature Monitoring

Flexible Label Mounted Sensor

Trusted by some of the leading switchgear and critical power assets operators in the region,  contact us to for a free demonstration on how Smart Passive Sensing can provide value for your Critical Power Assets monitoring operations, at competitive costs. 


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