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Predictive Maintenance Monitoring

We realize how important it is for you to keep your industrial operations efficient and reliable. Axzon's predictive maintenance solutions keep maintenance teams informed about the condition of factory and plant equipment at all times. This way, they can see issues coming before failure strikes. Reduce operating expenses by 25% when you diagnose issues early and plan repairs. Knowing what’s around the corner means spending less time in crisis mode. Let us help.


Wireless Predictive Maintenance System

This portable predictive maintenance system allows mechanical plant personnel to monitor equipment operating temperatures. It also alerts teams to out-of-range performance when equipment exceeds baseline alarms. For equipment subject to overheating risks from frequent restarts, the system includes a restart alarm setting to alert personnel when equipment needs additional time to cool before restarting. The system includes 75 rugged Smart Passive Sensing devices for temperature monitoring.

Compatible RFID Sensors: 


Sensor - RFM3240


Sensor - RFM3250

Sensor - RFM3254

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