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LBT Series


The Datmeltech LB-T Series High Performance Power relays are designed to offer superior, and reliable performance across a wide range of applications which include substation panels, control equipment, electrical appliances, and consumer electronics.


· PCB terminal and solder lug terminal and flanged case are available

· LED version are available

Relay Ordering Instructions:

IP LB1 N        12 D T S

      1    2         3  4  5 6

__ ___ _   __  ___ _ _ _

1. Type                                3. Coil Nominal Voltage                 6. Terminal Type
     LB2(2PDT):10A             4. Coil Nominal Voltage Type             S: Solder Lug/Plug-In
     LB2H(2PDT):10A              D: DC                                              P: PCB Terminal
     LB4H(4PDT):5A                A:AC
2. LED                                 5. Cover Type
    NIL: Without LED             Nil: Standard Type
    N: With LED                      F:  Flange Cover
                                             T: Test Button

IP-MK Series Coil Data (at 25°C)

Contact Rating

Dimensions (±0.1mm)

Drilling Plan

Wiring Diagram

Terminal Type (±0.1 mm)

General Data

Insulation Resistance

Dielectric Strength


Contact Material


Contact Resistance


Shock Resistance


Vibration Resistance


Operation Time


Release Time


Temperature Range


Expected Life













1500 MΩ Min. (DC 500V)


750 VAC, 50/60 Hz between contact

1500 VAC, 50/60 Hz between all elements.


Ag alloy


100 milliohms max (initial value)


Malfunction: 10G (11ms); Destructive: 100G (6ms)


Malfunction: 10 to 55 Hz. At Double Amplitude of 1.5mm

Destruction: 10 to 55 Hz. At Double Amplitude of 1.5mm


15 ms max


10 ms max


-40°C ~+60°C


With operation rate 30/min
Mechanical – 10,000,000 operations min.
Electrical – 100,000 operations min at rated load


37 grams

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