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Fast Trip Relay

The fast or auxiliary tripping relay E94 series is intended to for use in control and protection circuits for applications that require the reliability and availability such as power stations, substations, railways and industrial plants. The relay is designed in flush mounting style. The robust contacts are characterized by the high making/breaking, overload and continuous current capacity. Their high degree of protection ensures reliable operation in tropical and/or salty sea air ambient conditions.

DC Voltage Monitoring Relay

The DC voltage monitoring relay is a digital or micro controller base relay, designed and commonly used for monitoring battery voltage conditions, and can also be used in any applications which DC voltage level is critical. The relay is provided with 1 Volt step adjustable pickup and dropout voltage with time delay of 0 – 60 seconds set point . Moreover, it has watchdog function to monitor the health of itself.

Latching Relay

The ESPAN Latching Relay is designed to reliably latch its contact position even after the power has been removed, using self-holding function using permanent magnets in the magnetic circuit.  This prevents intermediate position or contact trip while switching. The Latching Relays come in both AC and DC rated voltage, and have both 4 and 8 changeover contacts.

Vibrating Horn

High decibel vibrating horn is used for heavy-duty and indoor application. This device operates from a local power source which makes it possible in a system to connect the device to power sources of different voltages. The ESPAN electro – mechanical vibrating horn is manufactured for general purpose alarm and warning applications. Applications include panel boards, switchboards, ceilings and walls for building hallways, corridors, and manufacturing sites.


The ESPAN POWER BUZZER type PBZ is manufactured for general purpose alarm and warning applications . Installing is quick and simply by tightening the four screws onto panel boards . Application includes : panel boards, switchboards, ceilings and walls for building hallways, corridors and manufacturing sites

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