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Data Center Monitoring Solutions

Data centers are more than just rows of servers. They’re packed with high-power industrial equipment designed to keep the servers humming. Keeping this equipment running safely and reliably is a challenging task, especially when equipment failure means unplanned downtime. We offer unique power and equipment monitoring sensors and systems that help ensure efficient and dependable operations.

Our long-read-range temperature sensors are made for direct attachment to electric power distribution busbars to monitor for pending failures. The electric power that feeds those busbars comes from large electric switching equipment and circuit breakers. These large switching circuits are housed in metal cabinets and are dangerous to operate and inspect. Our switchgear monitoring system has been certified and tested for use in the harsh environment inside this equipment.

Electric Busbar Monitoring

Date centers employ busbars to distribute large amounts of eectric power to servers and communications equipment. Daily use and aging causes component connections to loosen over time, which creates dangerous arcing conditions that can vaporize busbars in dangerous explosions. Our long range sensors identify unusual temperature increases, which are a sign of pending failure. Alert maintenance teams before these catastrophic failures occur.


RFM3240 Long Range Temperature Sensor

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