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Automotive Leak Detection

Vehicle assembly is harder than it looks

It requires combining a range of materials, glues, ever-changing accessory components and human driven processes. Water has an amazing ability to find missing plugs or poorly adhering glues and even with 100% vehicle rain testing, these leaks can be hard to detect. Up to 3% of vehicles ship from the factory with leaks that will likely lead to mold growth and costly warranty repairs.

The right technology

Traditional detection methods place paper cording around the interior or they labor-intensive manual probing. These were once the best approach, but water has a tendency to collect in hard-to-reach areas. The surprisingly thin RFM2110 wireless sensor is placed directly on the metal chassis under the trim components, where water from leaks collects. Leak data is collected wirelessly. With analysis, this data points to the root cause of the leaks.

Finds small leaks

Major leaks are easy to find, because they’re visible. Detecting medium and micro leaks is a bigger challenge. Medium leaks allow enough water into the interior to grow mold over time, but they’re hard to detect using traditional methods. The key is the thin RFM2110, employing Smart Passive Sensing™ technology that is very sensitive to moisture. It detects nearly all mold-causing medium leaks, and about 60% of micro leaks. Get a handle on assembly issues with more data.

Improves quality

It’s hard to track quality issues in real time if leaks make it out of the factory for consumers to find months later. An entire class of quality issues are left unaddressed without real-time data analysis. Detecting these hard-to-find leaks on the assembly line gives automakers a chance to identify the root cause of leaks and to make improvements to their assembly line that strengthen outgoing quality. Avoid costly repairs in the field by solving root cause issues before the car leaves the factory.



Wireless Handheld Moisture Intrusion Detection System


RFM2110 Wireless Moisture Intrusion Sensor

Brochure - Automotive Leak & Moisture De

Automotive Leak & Moisture Detection Monitor

Brochure - Automotive Moisture Intrusion

Automotive Moisture Intrusion Portal Detection System

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