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Alarm Annunciator Panel , Fault Monitoring Instrument

Infinite Power Microprocessor Based Alarm Annunciators are designed as a highly reliable, and cost effective  means to keep an alert eye on your various Substation, SCADA, RTU, Plants, and process applications.

Infinite Power Alarm Annunciators feature revolutionary designs to met the high standards of reliability, and fault monitoring accuracy that is demanded by the automation industries, which include a wide range of smart, and innovative technologies that provide high noise immunity, accurate fault monitoring, and quick response times. The use of superbright SMD LED technology with built in fail-safe redundancies means that the operator will never have to worry about burnt out LEDs anymore.

Its shock resistant design allows for the annunciators to be transported through environments with vibrations without causing the annunciator to fail. This is especially important when transporting annunciators that have already been installed onto panels that are being transported to remote substation sites where road surfaces can be bumpy or uneven.

In addition to being reliable, Infinite Power Alarm Annunciators are also designed to be maintenance friendly where any problem can be fixed at the site itself, thus negating the need for costly repair costs should any problem occur.

All annunciators are manufactured, and tested to the most stringent of quality controls to ensure that every annunciator that leaves our facility exceeds every performance standard expected of it. In addition, we back this up with a no questions asked 5 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Infinite Power Annunciator Advantages:

- Microprocessor based

- Wideband dual voltage input (90V-270VAC/VDC ± 10%, 20-60 VAC/VDC±10%)

- Inbuilt SMPS. No need for external power converters

- Long lasting Superbright LED with failsafe systems

- High Immunity against noise, and nuisance signals (No false alarms)

- Shock resistant design

- Internal PCB card based design (Quick maintenance & troubleshooting)

- Quick response times

- Maintenance Friendly

-Highly reliable performance

With thousands of annunciators sold over the past few years to highly reputable clients, our failure rate is less than 1%. This, in addition to our competitive warranty program will give you the peace of mind that our annunciators offer highly reliable, trouble-free performance.

Alarm Annunciator on 500kV panel

Flagship 500kV electricity generation project

Alarm Annunciator Pluggable Terminal Blocks

Finger-proof terminal blocks for easy cable termination

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Sequence testing features to allow for easy checking of annunciators health status.

Alarm Annunciator Panel -

Individually removable windows for easy maintenance, legend , and LED replacement. All you need is a test pen, and your fingers.

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